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Shiny Umbreon by NeppyNeptune

i really like this. its one of your best pieces. the front paws are a little out of proportion and the moon could do without the craters because it distracts from the beauty and focus on umbreon. if you could find a way to make the moon look like its glowing instead of just a blotchy sphere in the sky, it would be amazing! i think it would look even better if first, the moon was more round, and second and more importantly, was blurred at the edges instead of having craters. the shading is amazing and the water looks great but i think the water should get darker the further back it goes especially since its currently darkest where it spashes at umbreons feet. i really love the way the moonlight feflects off the water subtly cuz if it was any more then it would like a stage set or something. exaggerating the eyes (especially the viewer's left one) would really make it pop more towards the pokemon rather than the water. i really like how new this was, though. ive never seen a dark type on a block of ice in the middle of the sea before. in fact, the only thing ive ever seen with an umbreon before is the night and that kinda goes without saying. an overall amazing piece of art and i hope you continue to work to become your very best!
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